For everyone who works within the eyewear industry you all probably know that the Eyeshow (the new optical trade show in London) was cancelled two weeks before the doors were due to open. It sucks and many businesses have lost money because of it and as if business aren’t finding it tough enough already, only to then lose money on an event which was supposed to make you money!

The Eyeshow was supposed to start on Tuesday 12th and a week before that eyewear designer Tom Davies decided to take this matter onto his own hands. He collaborated with a company called media10 and did a pop show instead down in Soho so buyers who have already made plans to come to London can still make this trip worth while otherwise everyone is losing money left, right and centre.

Frame London pop up show

Frame London pop up show

I personally LOVED the pop up show idea because it was intimate and all the brands there were niche. If you are a buyer looking for unique pieces then that would be the place you should have been and if you didn’t go then I am sorry to say but you have missed out! Attending big trade shows is fun but sometimes there are so many things to see that you don’t even know where to look and after a while all the frames probably look the same. Where as a small pop up show like this is more focused on niche brands.

Since this pop up show was organised very last minute I thought it was quite nicely put together and the brands that exhibited were all quirky and niche.  I am hoping to maybe see more pop up show like this in the future.

From talking to exhibitors they thought the show went well and media10 the company who stepped in to help Tom Davies to put this show together is actually going to put a show called 100%Optical in February 2014 so let’s see if they can do a better job than the Eyeshow!

Frame London Pop up show

Frame London Optical Pop up show

Like all successful shows there is an after party to celebrate the success and it was a good knees up! Drinks were floating and I probably did have one glass to many so I apologise to anyone I spoke to if I was slurring. I don’t normally slur!  This party was also to mark the 5 years that Tom Davies has been offering his bespoke glasses service.

Consumers… thats you and me who buy glasses in shops. If you want unique and niche eyewear and can’t find any from you opticians then you probably should let them know about this show and get them to check out who exhibited because there were some seriously damn fine frames which I will share with you over the next couple of days. Some of frames were a bit sexy!