Valentines day it is upon us. Some people hate it, some people love it and some pretend it doesn’t even exist. When I was younger at the age of 8 I remember getting my very first valentines card from a secret admirer, I ate the heart shape chocolate and that was about it. From then on every Valentines Day I wondered if I would be getting another card and present and sadly no, no more secret of admirers from the age of 8. Now days I am guaranteed a card and a present from my fiancé!

When I was in my teens and single I admit, I was probably desperate for a card and a gift so I started to dislike Valentines day very much but then I soon got over it and just felt there are some right clever people out there just making money out of us. I mean you can show the person you love or fancy your feelings any time of the year but why do we all buy into it… the answer is simple, because we are human and it is nice to treat someone you care about that you may feel you are unable to normally.

If you are stuck with gift ideas for your love ones then fret no more because MyGlassesAndMe is here to help!

Valentines gift idea

Valentines Gift Ideas

If you are dealing with an eyewear lover then of course treat them to a new pair of specs.  I am in love with the colour of the Retro 54 frame, it is the perfect colour for Valentines Day and it will take you through to Spring/ Summer and brighten up those dull winter days during the Autumn/Winter. It will be a worth while investment at a very purse friendly price or if you feel Retro 54 is a bit too vibrant then try the Lipsy frame. Cute ,girly and understated with a classic shape and they not damaging to your finances.

Want to throw in some extra gifts? Then check out the VERY cute Alphabet bags range, I would personally use the heart pouch as my glasses case and for putting my lens solution along with a cloth inside to ensure my glasses are always nice and clean. Clean lenses equal seeing things better and I am sure any glasses wearer out there will agree.

I hope you readers have found this useful and remember glasses are not just a necessity, they are an accessory therefore buying glasses is almost like buying a new piece of jewellery 😉 Follow the links below if you want to get shopping straight away!