If  you guys have been following me for the past week then you may remember I was at the Tom Davies 5 years bespoke anniversary party down in Soho! It sure was a great evening after the pop up show.

For those of you who are not aware of Tom Davies then let me tell you he is like the Savile Row of glasses. Men get tailor made suits and you can even get tailor made shoes so why not do the same for eyewear? Think about it… people get tailor made shoes because some people have got very wide feet, like a very good friend of mine so she gets her shoes made to ensure her feet are comfortable and not covered in blisters. Some may question why tailor made glasses and it is not all about personalising them- that is so last season. It is because they will fit you perfectly!

TDTomDavies anniversary party

TDTomDavies anniversary party

Let me give you some facts, very few people are gifted with the most amazing face which is suitable for almost any frame and because we are all individuals we are bound to have different face shapes and sizes. Not forgetting your nose! A prime example is Asians like myself normally find it REALLY hard to wear acetate frames because our nose tends to be much flatter (which is why I love my m-kenics acetate frames, they have solved the problem) therefore the bridge is always a major problem with sliding off etc..

Now… a bespoke service will include a professional eyewear person (that is your optician) using a funny ruler looking type thing to measure your head, your nose, how far are your ears and of course the distance between your eyes so it is a really special thing. It may sound like a bit of a drastic process to buying a pair of frames but those measurements will give you the most perfectly fitted pair of frames and if you ask me the whole personalising your frame thing is just a perk compared to getting a frame that fits.

Of course like most things tailor made, it does come with a price tag but if you can afford to splash out then it will be a worth while investment. Let’s put it this way, the frames will be on YOUR FACE for god sake, one day when I can afford it I will definitely be treating myself to a pair. There is noting better than a frame that fits! Apart from Manolo Blahniks (sorry, I have got a serious obsession with those shoes)