Red nose day is literally just around the corner (tomorrow to be exact), have you been raising money for this annual event? I am not great with organising and raising money but I do always donate money towards it because it is for a good cause and it helps different groups of people here in the UK and overseas. Watching the Red Nose Day TV is always entertaining aswell from all the celebs that get involved but at the same time it’s very upsetting. I always end up in tears when they show the clips of the less fortunate 🙁 then I end up donating more money which I guess it is the idea behind it!

Every year when it comes to Red Nose Day TKMax  always bring out some pretty cool t-shirts to raise money and this year is of course no different. With Kate Moss fronting the ad campaign aswell- it sure is a winning combination and how can you resist from buying, but warning ladies… we are never going to look as hot as Kate Moss in the same t-shirt.

Other celebs have been spotted wearing the red nose day TKMax t-shirts too, can you guess who?…

Rihanna wearing Red Nose day t-shirt

Rihanna wearing a Red Nose day t-shirt

I found this picture of Rihanna (RiRi) via twitter and I cannot remember who tweeted it but if it is you then please let me know so I can credit you. Why do some celebs just look hot in whatever they wear? Again ladies, we are never going to look like that wearing the same t-shirt so just give up now.

However, I love the t-shirt design. Who would of thought adding a pair of thick black rimmed glasses onto the legendary Marilyn Monroe would look so fabulous! Then again she is such an iconic fashion icon that I am sure she will just look fabulous in what ever and funny enough this design is all sold out! Maybe everyone either loves glasses, loves Marilyn OR they love Marilyn in glasses OOORRR maybe neither and it is just a cool t-shirt- you decide readers!