So you know that crazy chef… Oh what his name… the one that treats cooking a bit like a science project. Yes, you all know! Heston Blumenthal of course. I am a huge fan of his cooking and I only wish I could cook like him and wow my dinner guests like he can. Now it looks like I may be a fan of his frame designing skills too. Tonight I saw the launch of his first ever collection in collaboration with Vision Express and you will not be disappointed.

Frames by Heston Blumenthal

As soon as I saw the collection I could just feel they are very Heston and like me if you thought they are just for the gents then you need to go and check them out for yourself because ladies you are not being left out of his very hands on the design process.

Heston gave us an insight into the collection and his thought process behind the frames and funnily enough they do relate to cooking 😉 When he was doing his speech you can really feel the passion he has for the frames.  It is obvious that Heston is really passionate about what he does and he really believes in them. He was behind the design process all the way so it really isn’t the case of him just putting his name on it and that’s it.

Heston Blumenthals Glasses

Heston Blumenthals Glasses

The full write up for this range is still to come but I just wanted to tell you all about it now, as it happens, because they go on sale tomorrow nationwide!!! Price starts from £179 but Vision express will be doing a 2 for the price of 1 offer as a special launch price so don’t wait around to get your hands on a pair (or 2) and most of all you will be mad to miss out on this offer!

Remember to come back and read the full write up especially if you want to know what inspired him to create the range and what style Heston was wearing because you -(that’s right, you) can get your hands on the exact same pair 😉