Carrying on from last nights post I am going with the whole kids theme again. Lately I have found myself going in and out of Mother Care or Mamas&Papas because quite a few of my friends are having babies  so I am forever buying gifts for their new additions (they are just popping them out like there is no tomorrow and I am buying gifts like there is no tomorrow- they will pay one day,hehe). I am not going to lie, it does get a bit boring after a while when you see the same thing and are trying to buy something different for each friend.

A couple of weeks ago I was at Mama&Papas buying something for my friends baby boy Joshua and there it was- the most awesome shirt in the world that a baby boy can own!


Mamas&Papas Glasses Shirt

A shirt full of printed glasses! So adorable but what a great idea though! Sometimes I do wonder when you have a printed shirt like that, would you also want to wear a pair of glasses with it or would that be too much? On children I think it will be fine but on an adult, it may look a little silly- maybe? What are your thoughts on the whole clashing thing? Too much- share your thoughts in the comment box below 🙂