Readers, first of all a massive apology for not writing for the past few days but I do have a VERY good excuse! My fiance took me away on a surprise trip to Tunisia for my birthday. It was a lovely trip away but with one day notice to pack it sure was stressful and also the fact that I hadn’t prepared anything to ease my workload didn’t help so now I am just extra behind- the joy of self-employment. The worst thing of all, the resort we stayed charged £5 for an hours worth of wifi so I gave it a miss and didn’t even check my email, however it was rather nice to have a 4 day technology detox!

The trip started off great with a quick shop around duty free and I am not sure if it is just me but whenever I walk around duty free I just got this real urge to buy something because it is cheaper and I am paying 20% less (well not on everything) so I feel I have to buy something. However I do tend to stay away from the sunglasses section because I find them a bit tacky. Instead I bought myself a pair of glasses earrings from Accessorize.  It made me feel better the fact that I bought something and I have saved myself 34p! lol.

Tax Free Shopping

Glasses Earrings - Tax Free Shopping

The flight was certainly interesting and it wasn’t a great start to the trip. We were diverted and landed in France because a passenger was ill which is fine but not so fine when you are stuck on a plane with no leg room! Readers, take my advice- whatever you do don’t fly with Thomas Cook! However, if you enjoy being bashed on your knees when ever the person sitting infront moves, enjoy having bruised knees along with cramp and sitting in some very broken seats then go ahead and book your flight with Thomas Cook.

Thomas Cook flight

Thomas Cook flight

I am not exactly model height but I really struggled to seat in those seats for 4.5 hours as for my 6ft fiance he REALLY struggled and was extremely uncomfy however extra leg room seats are available at a cost and limited. On our way out I actually found the air hostess a bit unprofessional with how they were shouting at each other like there were no passengers around. To top it off when we had to land in France, we were there for 2 hours and we still expected to buy our own drinks at £2.30 for a coke if we wanted a drink- how about some complimentary drink for some really P**SED off passengers? Not exactly what I called a great customer service.

I think the seats were so close together that if I had a screen on the seat infront of me, I wouldn’t even need to wear glasses to see the screen (and as you all know I am pretty blind without my glasses). Now that is saying something!  It was our first and LAST time flying with them!

Nevertheless, Tunisia was a lovely place full of history ( I love a bit of history) and the beach was like paradise and let’s just say my sunglasses were on for the four days I was there 😉 If you do go, for the love of god just don’t fly with ThomasCook!