I taw, I taw a putty tat, I did, I did. Like me if you are born in the 80’s then you have probably come across this famous line from a cartoon staring a very cute little yellow canary bird called Tweety. I used to love Tweety and infact still do.  One  year on Valentines day my fiancé bought me a balloon that says ” Will you be my tweet heart”  Awwww!  Super cute!

When I was little I really wished I had a bird like Tweety but my parents just said no and thought it was a bad idea. Even now I still wish I have my very own Tweety. Of course nowadays the younger generation (Oh my god, I sound old) probably wouldn’t even know who Tweety is, but maybe they would since I saw this rather adorable baby girl t-shirt from Tesco .


Tweety in Glasses T-Shirt

How cute is Tweety with his giant glasses!!! Whenever a cartoon character is given a pair of glasses they just immediately look twice as cute- why do glasses make everything look cute? I do feel this is rather encouraging for children who may feel glasses are not cool, if they are used to seeing them on cartoon characters then they may feel ok about wearing them and less alienated by the thought of wearing them.

In my opinion I do actually think children in glasses are so adorable! However, when you get to the teenage years that is when you might get called names for wearing glasses. Those teenage years at school can be pretty nasty if you are slightly different in anyway and that includes wearing glasses unfortunately. I had that experience before and you know what, looking at glasses now I actually feel a bit sorry for teenagers from around the age of 12 upwards because there is nothing that exciting and unique out there for them that doesn’t cost their parents the earth to buy.

If you are a teenager reading this blog then please do comment below and share your thoughts on this subject 🙂