Quite a while back when it was still freezing cold and not long after I got back from Hong Kong do you remember me mentioning about a filming I was involved with? Well now I reveal a little bit about it but sorry to disappoint I am not on the BBC or anything! I was involved in doing couple of films for SpecsNetwork where I approached random people and talked about glasses (that film is still to come) and the second was interviewing a rather interesting opticians.

The Eye Company based in Soho in London is not like your average opticians. As well as dealing with us consumers the very lovely owner Steenie also designs and fits glasses to celebs in films and TV so you have probably seen his handy work before but just didn’t know, like I didn’t know. It really was a truly interesting interview and I got to understand another side to the eyewear industry.

Want to watch the interview? If so then keep reading!

The Eye Company Interview

For me it was a fun day and I got to learn about another aspect of the industry which I wasn’t really aware of. It is always exciting to meet someone like Steenie where his passion for eyewear really does shine through.

God, it is always so weird to see and hear yourself on screen but watch out for the next film- coming out very soon 😉  For now I hope you enjoyed that video and you can find out more about The Eye Company by visiting their website.   If you pop in to see him don’t forget to say hi from me!