Do men find women in glasses more attractive, less attractive or doesn’t it matter – that is the golden questions! When I read an article in this months Marie Claire  it got me thinking. The article is called “which of these girls do men most want to date” so basically one girl dressed in 4 different ways showing 4 different sides to her personality and put herself onto an online dating site.

The four different characters were “too cool for school”, “the great outdoors gal”, “the life and soul” and “the girl next door. My favourite was the “too cool for school” because she was sporting some rather cool glasses and of course glasses in my opinion are cool and funny enough it was too cool for school that had the most positive response with men- result!

Marie Claire May issue

Marie Claire May issue

This by itself doesn’t mean men fancy women in glasses. I think I can comfortably say most girls who need glasses, on a night out would probably leave them at home and opt for contacts. I for one do that but not because I don’t like them but it is just easier when I want to wear some really big long false eyelashes because I do HATE my short none curly Chinese eyelashes. Long false eyelashes does not mix well with wearing glasses which I have found out the hard way when every time I blink it smudges mascara all over my lenses – annoying is not the word!

So my next thought is how many girls who meet a guy on a night out (minus glasses) and when meeting them on a date after worry about putting their glasses back on incase they may appear less attractive? I will have to put my hands up and say when I met up with my fiancé nearly 8 years ago for our 1st official date (after meeting initially via a mutual friend on a night out), I didn’t wear glasses because I was so worried to wear them in front of him for our date incase he thought I was less attractive or something. I think for nearly a year he didn’t know I wore glasses- i know shameful of me!! Looking back it is silly to feel that way but then again, when I met him at the age of 21 I couldn’t afford the awesome looking frames like I can now so I was a bit ashamed of them. Back then the choice was not that exciting for something reasonably priced but now I am pleased to say it is very different.

I now wear glasses everyday and have done for quite a few years. My fiancé loves me in glasses, he said I can pretty much pull off any look with my glasses but maybe that is down to my fashion roots. So ladies there we have it- the answer to the golden question. It doesn’t matter if you wear or don’t wear glasses, a guy will be attracted to you no matter what. They will like you for who you are. Ladies and gents feel free to comment, I am interested to hear your thoughts on this topic 🙂