It is here once again- The Voice UK Series 2 has started and I finally had the chance to watch it on catch up! Over the bank holiday weekend I was doing many family and wedding related things. It is now just about 7 weeks away until the big “W” day- ahhhhh! I had my dress fitting yesterday and ripped my veil by accident- WOOOPS! It is only a tiny hole and you can’t really see it so it is all fine!

It looks like I will once again miss The Voice this weekend because my 4 bridesmaids have planned a surprise hen do for me where I will be jetting off – let’s hope it is somewhere warmer 🙂 that will be lovely. I do feel slightly gutted about missing The Voice but then again I am going away so I can’t complain.

Anyway, back to The Voice- I was soooooo looking forward to seeing Wil-i-am (and the singing talents of course) because he always wears some super duper dope glasses and for the first show he sure didn’t disappoint.

Wil-i-am Glasses The Voice series 2

Wil-i-am Glasses The Voice Series 2

I am so so so desperate to find out where he gets his glasses from and most importantly how big his collection is because he seems to wear something different each time I see him on the telly?! These celebs hey, with their never ending wardrobes. I do wonder if any frame designers have approached him yet to design a collection or something, it just seems like a great opportunity.

If Wil-i-am ever designs glasses, I can imagine them being quite “out there”.  I bet they would be something the UK market is not that open to.  We will have to wait and see!

So just to let you all know I will be jetting off on Friday for my hen do and back on Monday so yes, another long weekend for me. If you have been following me on twitter then you may have seen me talking about re-desinging this blog- well it is happening and whilst I am away the blog will be taken offline to do what ever these geeky people need to do to make everything pretty and functional. So don’t fret, I am not doing a disappearing act on you all.