John Rocha- today I saw the launch of his first ever eyewear collection for Specsavers. I think most people know him best for his collection at Debenhams but this man is one very talented designer who doesn’t just design for a department store. The stuff he does for Debenhams just scratches the surface and is nothing like his catwalk designs which are the high end pieces and his more creative work.  This is where he can really let his imagination flow.

John Rocha show cases his clothing collection twice yearly at London Fashion Week and his collection for the season just gone (back in Feb) was pretty amazing.  Textured fabric, big silhouettes and for the first time the use of colours which is moving away from his usual palette of black, grey and ecru.

John Rocha Glasses for Specsavers

John Rocha Glasses for Specsavers

John Rocha Gets It!

Back in February during London Fashion week John Rocha commented and said “I’m very excited about designing glasses, Eyewear is now a desirable fashion accessory, rather than just a necessity and so I felt it was really important to create a collection which was wearable yet stylish”. When I saw that quote I felt YES! a designer who understands and knows glasses are a fashion accessory.  By designing a collection which ties in with his clothing collection (inline with the fashion seasons) is like music to my ears.

John Rocha's Glasses new range at Specsavers

John Rocha’s Glasses new range at Specsavers

The garments the models are wearing you will probably recognise from his catwalk collection and the frames just compliment them so beautifully, it adds the extra oh-so elegant look.  The collection consists of 13 pieces and are all true to the John Rocha signature look such as the use of textures and embellishments. Within this frame collection he even added a splash of colour just like his lastest clothing collection. The colours were inspired by his stay in France so the collection contains a dash of indigo blue, purple and berry red.

John Rocha Frames for Specsavers

John Rocha Frames for Specsavers

I personally thought the collection was well thought out and you can definitely see different elements of John Rocha within the range which is important and to me I loved the fact that it ties in with his clothing range. The models looked beautiful in his creations and the dresses the models were wearing complimented the glasses very well. The colours are spot on I think for his first ever collection and the shapes are nice but maybe playing it a bit safe.  However, it is the first collection so I guess playing it safe is only normal and to be fair for my personal preference I like bigger sized frames so I am probably being biased.

You guys need to check this out for yourself! The collection is out in April (which is about now, even thought it doesn’t feel like April). Prices start at £125 and every frame includes PENTAX single vision lenses, a scratch- resistant treatment and a bespoke John Rocha Glasses case and cloth. The best of all, the collection is also a part of the current 2 for 1 offer so go crazy, go and get yourself not one but two pairs of John Rocha Glasses because let’s face it one frame is not enough to go with ALL those outfits you have got 😉  Sorry gent’s its ladies only at the moment, maybe next season will be your turn!

You can check out his clothing range here & the glasses range at Specsavers here!