Fashion and eyewear go hand in hand. They can make or break an outfit if you ask me which is why I have found this years Optrafair 2013 catwalk show interesting. I thought the outfits wasn’t exactly what I called exciting but I thought the glasses really made the outfit and jazzed them up to the next level.

For me being an optical glasses wearer I always opt for colourful frames, I have NEVER bought a pair of black frames simply because black doesn’t scream exciting to me, plus I never really wear black, wearing black is like a crime to me. I like a bit of contrast so I much prefer my frames to be colourful and fun and as well as picking the right colour to suit your skin tone it is also important to pick a suitable shape and most importantly something you are proud to wear. Like at the moment I am obsessed with my m.kenics frames and very proud to tell everyone about it (like I am now)

So back to the Fashion Show.  The first outfit is just your everyday going to town outfit or maybe a drink down the pub but the big cream frame went beautifully with the cream top and the shape is fun and bold which made them really stand out. They scream stylish and “yeah, I am proud to be an optical wearer”.

OptraFair 2013 Catwalk show

OptraFair 2013 Catwalk Fashion Show

However, my favourite look on the catwalk has to be the evening wear section. For most people when attending a formal event they probably opt out of wearing glasses but I think that is more common with the ladies rather than gents, but sometimes I can see why. If you only have one frame which is black then you wear a black dress- it may look like you are going to work or something.

If you wear a frame which look something like the model below it may change your mind …

Optrafair 2013 CatWalk Show

Optrafair 2013 CatWalk Fashion Show

Stunning black dress with the brightest red frame, what a contrast and it looks oh-so sophisticated with a bit of a sexy vibe going on and I think without the glasses this outfit would look slightly different, less sophisticated thats for sure.

I do feel it is important to have more than two frames for all occasions because I think sometime the reasons why people don’t wear their glasses all the time (and for different events) it is because they only have that one frame and one frame can’t go with everything. It is like do one pair of shoes and one handbag go with everything? the answer is NO! So why have just one pair of frames? I do completely understand frames are not cheap with the lens cost on top but there are different kind of opticians out there which can be suitable for all budgets. If you want to buy a frame that cost £69 from specsavers- fine or if you want to splash out and buy a frame from an eyewear boutique at £300 then thats fine too but it is what you are comfortable with and what is within your budget.

Like me I wish every pair of shoes I own are made by Manolo Blahnik but I can’t afford it so I buy matalan shoes instead but hey, they are still shoes, they look great and both begin with the letter M 😉