If you guys have been following me on twitter @MyGlassesAndMe then you would probably know I was up in Birmingham at the UK optical trade show Optrafair. I was there with the lovely peeps at SpecsNetwork because I am their guest writer on their site.  I was doing a few interviews for their YouTube channel so yes don’t be surprised if you see my face!

Optrafair takes place once every two years and it is only for industry insiders.  They also do an awards ceremony for the best design in frames etc… so it is quite a serious business within the industry but I did see a decrease in the number of attendee and exhibitors this year but then again the recession has been tough for everyone and is certainly not an easy ride.

So what have I got for you today… well it is the winning frame designs for men and women! Want to see?

Optrafair 2013 womens frame winners

Optrafair 2013 Womens Frame Winners

First place is Caseco, second is Marchon and third is International eyewear. Personally for me I don’t understand what is so creative with the third frame from what I can see through a glass cabinet  I couldn’t see anything innovative but of course do correct me if I am wrong especially if they can sing and dance for you because that will be the sort of frame I would like to own within my collection.

Optrafair 2013 mens frame winners

Optrafair 2013 Mens Frame Winners

As for the gents the winners were first place Pro-design (a very well known brand for its designs) , second place Caseco and third place Rodenstock. I think my favourite out of the three is Caseco in second place, I think the quirky acetate affect is quite unusual in a gents frame but of course that is just me and my personal taste. I am no design professional to be judging these frames but from a fashion angle I think I can definitely contribute. Then finally is the sunglasses category which most people can appreciate especially with summer just around the corner (so they keep telling us)!

Optrafair 2013 sunglasses winners

Optrafair 2013 sunglasses winners

In first place is Caseco (I know them again!), second is International eyewear and third is Marchon. Yes I know what you are all thinking all these brands have been nominated in different categories already and won something within this competition and its a fix but I have no idea I’m afraid. Maybe these companies do just make kick ass frames which you all need to know about. My favourite from the sunnies category is actually the Caseco who came first but I am unsure if that is because the lenses also have an embossed effect which I think it is pretty damn awesome but I want to put them on just in case all l I can see is a pattern! All in all the sunnies are pretty cool and as always for some reason much more exciting than the optical frames- WHY????