I am super excited to announce this and as I am writing this blog I am feeling even more excited, so much so that I might actually burst! Basically MyGlassesAndMe is bringing out a consumer based Fashion & Eyewear magazine and yes it is in newsprint format and I have them all in boxes sitting in my house ready for the launch this weekend- I might actually wet myself with excitement!

The blog is going from strength to strength (a massive thank you to all you readers!!!) and I feel it is about time to bring out a consumer based magazine to really make people aware of eyewear and fashion. The blog started because of my fashion background and how I have always felt fashion magazines don’t feature eyewear as a fashion accessory.  Us glasses wearers appreciate fashion too you know and I’m sure we would all like to be included.  A fashion & eyewear magazine seemed like a natural progression.

MyGlassesAndMe Magazine

MyGlassesAndMe Magazine

The MyGlassesAndMe magazine has taken me ages to put together with a lot of thought and stress but it was all worth it when I saw it land on my doorstep today. When I saw it I instantly forgot all those grey hairs that magically appeared during the process! I cannot even explain how pleased I am with them.  The magazine is 12 pages to start and I really hope you guys will continue to support MyGlassesAndMe and spread that spexy love 😉

The magazine also has a special feature called Scan & Shop. Nowadays most people have a smart phone so all you need to do is download a free app and when ever you see a QR code (those funny looking black+White squares) you just scan it and it will take you directly to the product. So easy ,or it could be dangerous. hehe, sorry in advance!

So yeah, if you have been following me via twitter @MyGlassesAndMe then this is the secret project I was going on about. It is a free magazine and you may well find it in an optician near you soon in the waiting area or just any other place with a waiting area. However, if you would like to grab  yourself a copy  then fill in the contact form and I can send one out direct to your door. A small fee of £1.50 will be required to cover the postage and packaging cost. Click Here to get a copy!

At the moment the magazine will be coming out once every 3months but hopefully it will be a monthly magazine soon 🙂