This YourGlassesAndYou photo is probably one of my favourites because I love children in glasses and especially sunglasses that are just simply too big for them.  They just look adorable! This photo came from Deetz who design some kick ass graphic print tops, dresses, scarfs you name it and I definitely recommend you guys to go and check it out. They are also sold in Harvey Nichols.

I do actually know the designer from Deetz and I have asked her permission to use this picture of her newphew before I put it up so don’t worry, it really isn’t the case of me just randomly finding photos of children and using them. I just simply love children in adult’s glasses because it look so ridiculous on them that is cute 😉 This little boy may have the most awesome middle name EVER! Danger.  That is his middle name, I am not even joking.

Danger  - Deetz


So check out Deetz here and if you want to get involved with the YourGlassesAndYou section then simply send me a photo of yourself and just tell me a bit about them and yourself- simple 😉

Oh by the way what do you all think of the new blog? Pretty awesome hey?