After this weeks YourGlassesAndYou post (you can read it here) I have been thinking more and more about those Leonhard De Neffe Glasses. I think I am in love with them- is it possible to be in love with a pair of glasses? I have been searching for them online and I can’t actually find much information about the brand but I did find a few different styles on sale on ebay. Good ole ebay! They were not the same model as Sheila’s frame but I was having a right ole look at all the styles.

I do love vintage frames and I wish designers now would bring back some of the styles. I don’t know if it is just me but I find the design of vintage frames much more intricate and interesting to look at compared to what it is out there now. I know fashion changes and the materials used have changed but surely inspiration can be taken from these old style frames?

Leonhard De Neffe advertisement

Leonhard De Neffe Advertisement

I have obviously always spoke about how I think glasses should be the must have fashion accessory and I think these Leonhard De Neffe frames have certainly achieved that. They are not just glasses but also double up as an earrings which makes a very stunning piece of jewellery so it is not just about an amazing pair of frames.

I think if there are no designers out there who are going to start designing glasses like that then I might just have to start designing my own range of MyGlassesAndMe glasses.  I would specialise in pretty, decorative detailing because I think that may get more people to see glasses in a different light and be able to see that glasses are an accessory.

By the way if any of you readers out there know more info on these Leonhard De Neffe frames then please share your knowledge 🙂 Thanks!