Sometime in life there are many unanswered questions like do aliens exist? For me the question I want to know is do animals get short or long sighted like us humans? I may have mentioned this before in another post but my curiosity has been triggered again when I saw this photo on Instagram.

I think animal eyes MUST work in a similar way to human eyes and if we can get short or long sighted then surely animals can be the same? I am no expert in animals but how does it work? I know you can get deaf cats and infact someone I know does have a deaf cat. Another friend of mine had a cat with down syndrome so these illnesses which happen to us humans can happen to animals too so who is to say animals can’t be short or long sighted?

Do animals need glasses

Do animals need glasses

Which brings me to the next question (yes, I do like asking questions-my poor parents must have been quizzed lots when I was younger). If animals are short or long sighted, how do you correct it? It isn’t like they can wear a pair of glasses like we can or put contact lenses in so the last resort really is laser eye surgery?

I don’t even know how you can tell if a dog or a cat is short sighted? Maybe they keep walking into everything? All you pet owners (or vet and eye experts) out there, if you know the answers then please tell me because I really want to know! It is just one life’s mysteries to me, I want to find out. I am not going to lose sleep over it but one day this knowledge may win me a prize at a pub quiz!

On that random note- have a brill bank holiday weekend and see you back here on Tuesday 😉