I remember from the age of 12ish I became fascinated with fashion shows but I always used to think why are some of the clothes so unwearable and just plain ridiculous. Throughout my degree in Fashion Design I came across more outrageously dressed people and saw even more ridiculous fashion shows. Even now during London Fashion Week this question does still pop up in my mind.

I’ve learnt the ridiculous unwearable clothes are just for show to make an impact on the catwalk, the “wow factor” which are known as high fashion and did you know with eyewear, high fashion also exists.

High Fashion Eyewear

High Fashion Eyewear

Looking at the glasses above I think it is quite apparent they are not your everyday glasses and yeah try going shopping in those glasses. Let’s face it, you may look just a tad silly with some of them. Unless you are of course Lady Gaga herself who will probably wear them to do her food shopping. So why did designer Linda Farrow design these crazy ass glasses? The answer is quite simple, outrageous fashion simply makes a great fashion shoot- this is because they make a (very bold) statement.

Next time if you look at an arty/ fashion magazine such as ID or Wonderland then take note because they are the sort of magazines who will go pretty wacky with their fashion shoots. However, for us normal peeps Linda Farrow does have a “normal” range. Some of the shapes and designs are taken from the high fashion range but have been made to be more “wearable”.

More from Linda Farrow to come so stay tuned 😉