Ok readers, if you have been following me then you are probably aware I am getting MARRIED! The time has finally arrived and I will be getting married on Sunday! Yes, as in two days time! All the preparation and organising has finally come to an end- thank god! So just to let you all know I will not be blogging of course through out the weekend (I normally have the weekend off anyway) and normal blogging will resume as from Wednesday 29th May.

So next time I see you on here I will be a married lady and don’t worry I am not blogging whilst on honeymoon incase you wondered why I am straight back to work 3 days after the wedding. I am not off  on honeymoon until another couple of weeks as I have got my childhood friend from Hong Kong coming to our wedding and I would like to spend some time with her. Considering she has to fly 12 hours to be here and if I just shoot off to our honeymoon straight away it is a bit mean.

Let's celebrate!

Let’s celebrate!

Also one of my other friends is getting married 12 days after us and I am her bridesmaid. I know- crazy with all the weddings! I will of course be sharing some of my wedding pictures with you 😉 You will be disappointed to hear that I will not be wearing glasses. I know, shock- horror! It was as advised by my make-up artist since I want false eyelashes. Also my photographer said if I could, can I not wear glasses to reduce the chance of glare and it will make his life a lot easier with photoshopping , if it needed it. So there we have it readers.

Have a fabulous bank holiday weekend whatever you get up to and I will see you back on here as a married lady on Wednesday 29th May! xxx