Right readers,this is something fun before the weekend also a test for us optical wearers with not so perfect vision. Just a little game for you all but you may have seen it on facebook or other social media already but I feel I need to blog about it just because I found it quite amusing. It was my friend who posted it and everyone who commented funny enough wears glasses because they are the ones that can see what this picture meant to be.

My vision is obviously bad but my fiancé has the perfect 20/20 vision so I have asked him to test it out and see if he can see what I can see from this picture (please see below). Now readers, the game is rather simple… if you have your glasses on you will be able to see Albert Einstein but take your glasses off then you will see Marilyn Monroe. However, if you do have perfect 20/20 vision you will be able to see Marilyn Monroe if you step back but my fiancé struggled to see anything but Einstein until around 3m away.

Now… you have a go readers.

Test your vision

Test your vision

So then readers… what can you see? Glasses on, Einstein but glasses off, Monroe? Well I hope so if not then you may need to get your eyes tested again- that is all I can say. I think maybe this game is only fun for us optical wearers with not so perfect vision as we can actually appreciate this game.

If you know someone with perfect vision then get them to try it out and see how far they have to stand before they can see the change!. Just a little silly game but quite a fun one for us glasses wearers 😉 Anyway… have a great weekend and I will see you all back here on Monday if I am sill alive after the house move and wedding in about 9 days time!!!!