From my previous post you have all probably heard about me bragging how Seiko put some Transitions lenses into my Hello Kitty frames (If you missed that post then you can read it here). Well during the process of getting my frames over to Seiko I was dealing with a lady called Sheila who also has a passion for glasses and like me, pretty much believes glasses should be THE fashion accessory.

I was having a bit of a geek chat with her about glasses then she was telling me about a frame she had back in the 80’s which sounded bloody amazing! They were by Leonhard De Neffe and apparently right at the bottom of arm as in the tip of the arm it got like a dangly decorative bit which look a bit like an earring. Sound amazing don’t they?

Sheila has very kindly dug up some of her old pictures just so we can appreciate these amazing glasses too.

Leonhard De Neffe sunspecs late 1980's- Thanks to Sheila

Leonhard De Neffe sunspecs late 1980’s- Thanks to Sheila

Leonhard De Neffe specs late 1980's- Thanks to Shelia

Leonhard De Neffe specs late 1980’s- Thanks to Shelia

Unfortunately there isn’t a clear side shot of the glasses but they are the ones! The actual frame looks something like this…

Leonhard De Neffe advertisement

Leonhard De Neffe advertisement

Now, my question is… why are they not making frames like this nowadays? They are just gorgeous and amazing- defo can be worn as a piece of jewellery! I want a pair and if I can’t get hold of a pair I might just have to design myself a pair because they really should bring back designs like this, after all fashion does just go around in circles.

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