A few weeks ago I blogged about my beloved Hello Kitty glasses which I bought from Hong Kong (If you missed that post then you can read it here). In the post I was practically begging for help to see if I could glaze them up and you know what, someone helped me and infact they even glazed them up for me as a gift. They probably felt sorry for me for being 29 and still madly in love with Hello Kitty, crying for help in public! haha.

The lovely peeps who offered me their helping hand were SEIKO Optical and I could even have Transitions lenses! I pretty much nodded my head straight away and said YES PLEASE- give my Hello Kitty glasses the Transitions treatment!

Before Transitions

Before Changing

I have been writing about Transitions lenses so SEIKO Optical really came along at the perfect timing offering to help me with glazing these glasses. I was majorly excited that 1) Wearing these Hello Kitty glasses was going to no longer be a dream, 2) They are SEIKO Lenses which I have heard many great things about  & 3) They would be Transitions lenses!


After Transitions

After Changing

So far I am in love with them! SEIKO lenses are comfy to wear. It may sound strange but everyone always seems to think the comfort is all about the glasses which is kinda true on one hand but on the other it is the lens itself that aids us to see. So I would say the lenses are comfy for my eyes and you know what, next time you visit your opticians it may be worth asking them what lenses they put into your glasses because there are many different brands and they are not all the same. Some may be better for certain things but that will be a question to ask your opticians as I am no expert in that field.

As for Transition lenses- I am all over them like a rash. They are AMAZING!!!! When I stepped outside to the sunshine they transformed! When you put on your sunglasses you can instantly see the difference but with Transitions the change happens so smoothly that you don’t even feel a dramatic difference and yet I can still feel it is blocking those bright sunlight rays which I thought was very clever.

I would definitely recommend them to anyone and everyone because I feel they are that good and you know what? No wonder Robert Downey Jr wears them because they are the NUTS!  Check out Iron Man himself here. My Hello Kitty frame are awesome as sunglasses and even more awesome as glasses!