So after my weekend of hen do shenanigans- yep, that is hen do number two. I of course missed The Voice but you have got to let me off, it was my hen do after all and I am getting married in like 12 days time so if that is not a good enough excuse then I don’t know what is! I finally had the chance to catch up with The Voice, I just love seeing what wears because apart from the funky ass glasses he does actually wear some pretty dope clothes too.

Wasn’t CJ & Leah’s performance great? That was my favourite performance and I am totally gutted CJ didn’t get through but I am pretty sure knows what he is doing. So back to glasses, what did we think of his sunglasses? Pretty special hey? I have been watching it on repeat just to try and figure out what brand they are and I have still got no bloody clue!

The Voice Series 2 glasses

The Voice Series 2 glasses

Well saying that, they actually look pretty similar to the ones that Robert Downey Jr wore for the Iron Man 3 premier so if I could figure out that then that might be the answer? I am on it! I think compared to most guys must be one of the rare ones that actually accessorises what he wears and matches things up. Like the gold chain with the gold frames and the brown leather jacket with brown tinted sunglasses- so obvious! glasses in The Voice Series 2 glasses in The Voice Series 2

Then in the clip showing him coaching his team, he was sporting some white pearlescentĀ frames matching his black and cream leather jacket. Definitely wearing the mono trend and mastering it, he has got it down to a fine art! Ladies, we better watch and learn!

If anyone else out there who can help with solving the mystery of’s glasses then please do comment below and I am looking forward to watching it this weekend and seeing what other great eyewear gems he has got for us- he never disappoints me! Hang about… I probably can’t watch it this week because I am moving home RIGHT before the wedding. What a nutter, so catch up it is then!