I am going to carry on with my Transitions lens theme from yesterday because now the UK is getting sunnier and warmer each day I feel it is very appropriate to talk about lenses that change colour because lets face it, it will make us optical wearers lives much easier. I am so excited to get my transition lenses!!! I can just picture it now, it will just make my life easier. No more wearing your normal glasses and taking a pair of tinted sunglasses or wearing your contact lenses. I don’t mind contact lenses but I do find they dry my eyes out quite badly when I have been starring at my computer screen all day.

Right, I know I keep banging on about how important it is to have more than 2 frames to match outfits bla bla bla… but when you have a pair of Transition lenses you need to be clever and play your cards right with your choice of frames. You will want something that will look good as optical glasses and something pretty DAMN amazing as sunglasses so when you step outside it will instantly transform your glasses and your outfit.

Those clever lot at Transitions have thought of that too…

IC Berlin and Transition collaboration

IC Berlin and Transitions collaboration

Many eyewear brands out there support the use of Transitions lenses but of course it doesn’t mean you can only buy certain brands to use with Transitions. The latest collaboration Transitions have done is with IC-berlin. Within the optical industry IC-berlin is a well known for their quality and their clever way of constructing the frames together but to consumers they may not be as well known compared to designer brands such as Tom Ford, Gucci, Prada etc… you get the picture.

IC-berlin recently brought out a few exclusive frames for this collaboration and they will be available for both ladies and gents.  The frames are fashion forward and keeping inline with IC-berlin’s high quality designs so you know you are getting the best of both worlds. For me there is nothing more satisfying than wearing a good quality frame along with awesome lenses because they do go hand in hand and this Transitions and IC-berlin marriage will be a great one!