Apart from Iron Man 3 I am so ridiculously looking forward to watching The Hangover 3 oh and Fast and Furious 6. I loved both the Hangover movies and I especially love Bradley Cooper (sorry husband if you are reading this). God! he is just dropped dead gorgeous but quite a few people have said my husband does have some similarities to Bradley- funny that I married him then 😉

I haven’t had the chance to watch The Hangover 3 yet and I am really unsure if I will get the chance until I am back from my honeymoon and lets hope it will still be on in the cinema. I have however watched the trailer millions of times just to check out Bradley Cooper… oh I meant all the glasses and sunglasses the characters are wearing.

So lets put our focus on Bradley Cooper’s character Phil first and what he was wearing in the movie.

The Hangover 3 Bradley Cooper's Sunglasses

The Hangover 3 Bradley Cooper’s Sunglasses

I have been doing a lot of stalking… oops I meant “researching” since I was in Vegas and stayed at Caesars Palace and I think I have found out what sunglasses he was wearing in the movie. The very gorgeous Bradley was wearing Oliver Peoples Benedict 59! How exciting is this!!!! I am most definitely going to buy my husband a pair so he can look more Bradley Cooper. I promise I do not have a serious obsession with Bradley, I just really quite fancy the pants of him that is all but hello, how can you not? It is those blue eyes and when he speaks French.

Anyway ahem…. back to sunglasses if you want to buy your man the exact same pair then you NEED to click on this link right HERE! They have them in different colours aswell. Now GO, go and buy your man a pair. If you fancy the pants of Bradley Cooper like me you need to buy it for your man. Talking of The Hangover- Vegas I LOVE YOU!!! Until next time 😉