Over in Britain I think we are finally seeing some sunshine and what it known as summer. In Britain we do love to have a moan about the weather but lets be fair, we do mostly see grey skies rather than blue and it was still snowing at the end of March! So I feel we do have every right to be excited by the fact that we have been seeing sunshine everyday so far this week! Unlucky if you are living in a part of England where sunshine is still not happening but down south in Essex it sure is sunny.

To celebrate the fact that summer is officially here I am going to do a sunglasses special. They are stylish and affordable from the high street because I do get a few readers writing in and saying I always seems to feature expensive eyewear and not enough of the more affordable stuff. I don’t want any of my readers feeling left out or  thinking I am being bias because everyone should be able to enjoy eyewear no matter what your budget is.

Here are some of my favourite sunglasses currently available on the high street- they are truly the high street heroes 😉

Must have sunglasses

Must have sunglasses

I know ASOS is technically not on the high street but they are very affordable and you can get next day delivery so they are as good as the high street. Why did I pick them as my high street heroes? Simple, the shapes are on trend and I feel everyone should own at least a pair of catseye, a pair of round or a pair of square shaped sunglasses. If not, you definitely should have at least one of those shapes in your life.

Grab them whilst the sun is still shining because with the UK weather, you can never tell when the sun will go on vacation again.  Here are all the links you will need to buy them ALL- ok maybe not all but definitely one- at least!?

House of Fraser – www.houseoffraser.co.uk

ASOS – www.asos.com

Accessorize – uk.accessorize.com

Dune –www.dune.co.uk

Bank – www.bankfashion.co.uk