It was only 5 days ago when I was on a 10 hour flight to Las Vegas which is of course a long haul flight and now I have to get on another flight to Orlando for 6 hours or so. If you ask me, anything above 5 hours is long, stuck in that same space sitting up- not the best. Flying itself just really dries your skin out, infact it just dries everything out.

Whenever I am flying I always make sure I wear my glasses. I wouldn’t even bother with contact lenses as they just make your eyes dry out even quicker. For me I always feel tired but can’t sleep and I start to feel this stinging sensation in my eyes which is really not pleasant. My advice would be wear glasses, always have eye drops handy and don’t aim the blower directly at your eyes.


For the first couple of days in Vegas I really was not used to the climate. After all Vegas is in a desert so the heat was intense at 40c , it just feels like a massive sauna. As soon as we got there we got a couple of interesting facts from our taxi driver 1) Due to the dry heat nose bleeds may happen (it sure happened to me) 2) Vegas may only rain about 15 days in the whole 365 days altogether and there may only be about 5inches of rain! It is HOT HOT HOT! For me, where I have been wearing contacts lenses most of the time during this trip (I don’t want to get a glasses tan mark) I have found the heat to be quite harsh for my eyes especially when I keep going in and out of air conditioned places.

My final destination for this honeymoon will be flying down to Jamaica and I would recommend anyone who is going to hot destination to take these essentials with you. Your glasses, eye drops and sunglasses to block out those strong sun rays which we don’t get in the UK.