Greetings from the land of Usain Bolt aka Jamaica and I can finally get online! Yep, I have reached the final destination of our honeymoon. This time it is definitely a proper honeymoon where as before it felt more like a holiday.

As I am writing this… This is my current view and I can so get used to this.


So far what I have learnt about Jamaica is everyone is pretty chilled out and everyone does say “ya man” which I thought it was pretty awesome! Everyone is so chilled out just like Usain Bolt- funny enough.

Since the weather has been so amazing everywhere we have been I have got the dreaded glasses tan mark! Eeeekkk! ( I hate glasses tan mark) So I think in Jamaica I need to focus on wearing contact lens and even out those marks otherwise I may look a little silly when I am back in the UK.

Anyway I am off to enjoy this amazing coconut water …


And I guess I need to keep my husband company too hey before a divorce happens 😉 I will see you here in another couple of days, depending on how the wifi situation goes. Mwah!