Today is my last day of paradise and then I am home bound! I have been away for nearly 3 weeks and it has gone quick but this honeymoon really has been a holiday of a life time. As a couple we have always been active and we sure squeezed in a lot of activities in the first week and a half.

Chilling out in Jamaica has been lovely and relaxing. You know what? I think I have found a new love for a certain water sport-snorkelling. I know I can’t swim but us humans do just naturally float on water so I was enjoying floating around and seeing all the sea creatures.


Of course when you snorkel you need to wear a mask! We bought one at our resort as we really were not prepared. In order for me to see anything I had to wear contact lenses as I found wearing glasses is not even possible because the mask would leak (not great quality mask).

The goggles had to be air tight so no water can get inside otherwise what is the point wearing them. It really is amazing to see all the sea creatures and something we will never get in the UK as no beaches have water this blue and clear- fact! I’ll be back Jamaica 😉 and see you all back in the UK!