I am now pretty much nearing the end of the honeymoon and so far I love Jamaica. The beach is like paradise and the people are so chilled out. Some how I think we need to adopt the same attitude but then again probably hard with the miserable weather we get in the UK.

The water here is amazingly clear, so clear that u can see the fishes swimming from the shore.


I am not a strong swimmer, well actually I can’t swim full stop. When I was little and lived in Hong Kong I knew how to swim but I moved to the UK and I just seemed to lose the ability. Anyway with sea like this I would be mad not to go in for a dip (its worth the risk of drowning). So I did and boy oh boy after I wasn’t sure if that was a great idea!

First my husband decided it was a great idea to splash water all over me and as we all know that is not good for contact lens. Wearing glasses is not ideal either because the water dries so quick that sea salt is all over the lenses.

My advice would be wear contacts with goggles or wear prescription goggles or as for me who can’t swim, I’m better off staying clear of the water. In the mean time I’m off to enjoy this view… Bliss.