I am now on day 4 of my honeymoon so whats been happening you may all wonder… well I have been enjoying myself. On day 2 I decided it was a great idea to tackle the American buffet and I was defeated badly! I ate so much that I nearly had a food phobia which is not normal for me.

Yesterday my husband and I decided to go and shoot some guns and wow! What great fun that was and it was quite an experience because as if we can ever get the chance to do that in the UK. It also turned out I was rather good at shooting, my aiming was pretty good! Check out my “girlie” Ak47 below. I can confirm it is actually real, don’t be fooled by the cuteness.

Shooting in Vegas

Shooting in Vegas

There is a small points on top of the gun (called the sights as I have just been told by my hubby!) which helps you aim and I am not sure if good eye sight helps but with me it obviously didn’t matter. I was actually wearing contact lenses because I had to wear protective googles and glasses with googles wasn’t happening as the googles sat really close to my eyes.

So tomorrow 14th June will be the last day in Las Vegas and we are flying to Orlando. Another 6 hour or so flight!!! This honeymoon has way too much flying for my liking but from Orlando we are going to do some driving (I say we but it is actually just the husband) I am looking forward to stopping at some American style diner en-route. See you here again in another couple of days 😉

A big thanks to Tony who was our range master and if you ever come to Vegas and want to do some shooting then you need to go to the Gun Store- check out their website right here!