Another weekend gone by and I have been a married lady for a week and so far married life is all good. To be honest the relationship itself  hasn’t changed because we were happy anyway but we both just wanted to be married. If anything we just feel happier and looking forward to many more exciting things to come.

This weekend whilst unpacking things in our new home I actually had the chance to watch The Voice and admire Wil-I-am’s eyewear. He just get more and more stylish each week with all his co-ordination of accessory but the mystery of where his glasses are from still remain and whether he actually need glasses? I was quite impressed with his look this week because it is kind of a new take on the geek chic look.

The Voice The knockout round

Wil-I-am Glasses

Bow tie with thick black rimmed glasses so it can’t get anymore geek chic than that but somehow Wil-i-am made it cool and a new take on the look with a bit of bling and leather. It is almost a bit geek chic meet street cool.

Red, gold and black is also not a bad choice of colour. I love how the gold bow matches the side of his arm, it is just a small detail but it works and gents I think you can all learn something here and I think Mr Wil-I-am is demonstrating the perfect example of how glasses can create a look and it is probably the best accessory you can own.

Anyone out there who knows where his glasses are from then PLEASE share your knowledge, many readers and me are dying to know!