Summer, it finally feels like it is here! However, I am going on my Honeymoon very soon so either way I should be able to enjoy a lot of sunshine over in America and in Jamaica. What I love about summer is the fashion because you can wear lighter clothes and you probably get the chance to change more often because it is hot and you may sweat more. No one wants to be smelly and keep dirty clothes on all day. That is my theory anyway, when I used to live in Hong Kong and the weather was about 40c I used to change at least 3 times a day. It was like a mini fashion show!

Summer fashion is not just exciting for us ladies but it is also exciting for the gents! However, I do always feel sorry for the guys who are all suited and booted for work. That must be HOT right? ¬†Especially in the underground which is basically a massive free sauna. I have always felt a bit sorry for the gents because us ladies can obviously wear what ever the hell we want as long as it is smart but for guys the choice is basically a suit. I would like to ¬†propose this outfit idea for the gents…

Zara Men Window Display

Zara Men’s Window Display

I walked passed the Zara window display the other day and I thought- YES this could be the solution to the guys and their suit situation during the hot summer season. Light Linen waistcoat with linen suit jacket and team it up with short chinos- perfect! To complete the look they have even thrown in a smart man bag with big round glasses (hot trend for S/S 2013)

This outfit is a smart look and surely it will be fit for the office? To be honest if you are no good with fashion, the fail save option to smarten up any outfit is with a pair of glasses and that applies to the ladies aswell. Glasses just have that kind of power to smarten things up but it also has the power to look stylish and cool.