As well as the wedding and honeymooning my other project has been home renovation. My husband and I basically bought a brick building about a year ago, took it apart because of the erm… “retro” interior. I couldn’t even call it a house because it was that groovy and we did literally take everything out and put everything new inside. The price we got it for was really good and we knew all the right people who could do most of the major work for us at “mate rates” but we did still had to get our hands dirty and got down to some of it ourselves.

There are two things I am so looking forward to having in our new home and that is 1) a walkin wardrobe and 2) an office at the bottom of our garden. No more working from my bedroom and no more cramped clothes- it will be amazing! Now the wedding and honeymoon are all over the focus is pretty much on our home. Unpacking… LOTS of unpacking!

Demolition has probably become my favourite pastimes and I had the pleasure of taking down the old shed at the bottom of the garden this evening. Here is a photo of me in action 😉

Protective Goggles

Protective Goggles

I wore contact lenses with my goggles because I find it more comfy rather than wearing glasses with them. Plus the goggles were only cheap at ToolStation for like £3 so I wasn’t expecting comfort whilst wearing with glasses. Hum…. however, don’t they look yummy! Readers- stay protected if you are doing any sort of DIY work because we all need to be sensible about these things and our eyes are one of the most important things we have – basically, look after them.

More exciting blog posts to come and less about my life because I am sure you don’t all want to know just about me, how I wear glasses etc… bla bla bla the house still needs a lot of unpacking but once that is done I will actually have some space to work properly instead of laptop on laps, boxes, drawers… anything but a desk basically!!