Over the weekend we have had some very sad news especially if you are a Glee fan, I think you all know what I am talking about… RIP Cory Monteith. I feel deeply saddened by the news as I used to enjoy the show very much and every time I used to hear Don’t Stop Believing (amongst other tunes) on a night out I would sing my heart out like I REALLY mean business (not that i’m a good singer in any shape or form). So young and not that much older than me, it is just shocking and I think it just shows how fragile life can be and how precious it is.

I think when ever a famous person passes away it is always that much more shocking because we have seen this person before and we feel we know this person especially if you are a fan. With Cory there has been so many shows and so many songs that we have all probably sang along to at some point and the whole America college style we have probably all worn. The whole geeky, American Sport Jacket and sneakers I am sure at some point we were all guilty of it because of the show Glee. I can put my hand up and say “I was loving the whole geeky thing with my glasses”

As a tribute to Cory and to the show I have picked a few glasses that I feel reminds me of the show…

A Glee Tribute

A Glee Tribute

Very sad times and I think I may have to sing “Don’t stop believing” on repeat with my geeky glasses just to remind myself how great Cory was in the show and I hope his family and friends are all coping ok. It is always so sad and shocking for the family and friends and I hope the media are being kind and not jumping too many conclusions.

RIP Cory, we will miss you!