Yes, I am telling you by buying a pair of glasses you can help to fight aids. It is really as simple as that! You can enjoy a new gorgeous frame knowing you have done a good thing- I call it buying without the guilt factor. So how do you go about it is the question? British Luxury heritage eyewear brand Cutler and Gross wanted to mark the 20th anniversary of the Elton John Aids foundation and have created a limited edition of its iconic model 0734. All the profit generated it will be donated to the Elton John Aids Foundation and the target is to raise £60.000 for all the amazing work they do.

Inspired by the charity’s ‘Love Is In My Blood’ campaign, designed to get the attention of the world and show solidarity for over 30 million people living with HIV, the frame has been handcrafted in a deep red thick Italian acetate and engraved with a discreet gold foil logo. Each frame will retail at £320 whilst the premium model will be glazed with luxe 24 karat gold lenses numbered from 1-20 and retail for £400 respectively. Both models will be available for purchase across Cutler and Gross stores worldwide and at

Cutler&Gross Elton John's Aids foundation

Cutler&Gross Elton John’s Aids foundation

Here is how far your money will go by purchasing a pair Cutler and Gross Elton John Aids Foundation frame… Each frame can help change the lives of people living with HIV, for each pair of glasses purchased two women who have been raped in Kenya will receive counselling, emergency contraceptive and anti-HIV treatment to stop them becoming infected. Or the purchase could enable 10 young men who have sex with men in Uganda to learn about sexual health, test for HIV and get treatment .

Cutler&Gross Elton John Aids Foundation

Cutler&Gross Elton John Aids Foundation

If you are a Cutler and Gross fan like myself then you will know they produce good quality frames.  If you are due for a new frame then it is definitely worth taking a look at the Elton John Aids Foundation (EJAF) frames. You can be the proud new owner of a pair of stylish glasses and have done something good.  With the distinctive design I am sure everyone will know you are sporting a EJAF frame and everyone will know you have done something good to help fight aids.

Cutler&Gross Elton John's Aids Foundation Logo

Cutler&Gross Elton John’s Aids Foundation Logo