This picture was taken before the wedding when we were frantically trying to find gifts for the bestmen because obviously my then fiancé just loves to leave things to the last minute. I think we were searching for presents like 4 days before the wedding so talk about cutting it fine but I guess at least it wasn’t the day before. The funny thing was on the wedding day itself my husband actually managed to forget to give the boys their presents and we have actually still got them sitting in our house now.

We were in MenKind searching for present ideas because they sell the most random things that almost all men would enjoy and we did indeed managed to find something there. As we were shopping around I came across the most interesting pair of glasses…

Spy Glasses

Spy Glasses

Spy Glasses… there were a few questions which popped into my head 1) why would men appreciate this? 2) do they actually work? 3) do real spies actually use them? I know it is only supposed to be a novelty thing but who buys them and why would you? It baffled me greatly but my then fiancé reassured me men enjoy random things like that. Since he said that I may just buy them for him for his next birthday or something.HA!

Just to put it out there, to all gents who may own a pair of these so called “spy glasses”, can you please tell me 1) why did you buy them? 2) If they were gift then do you actually like them? 3) Can you actually spy on people behind you with them?

If you can actually spy on things then I am all over it and going to invest in a pair, nothing more satisfying than a bit of novelty gadget that actually works or works at least a little bit aye?