This photo I am about to share with you all may go down in my blog history as one of the most horrendous photos of myself but I am sharing it with you because… well you will see when you read this post.

As you are all aware I have been married for over a month and recently came back from my honeymoon. During our honeymoon we did a LOT of flying around and of course the most important thing to take traveling is your passport! At pretty much every passport control the person behind the desk will be staring at me and my passport photo for quite a length of time. At the end of each long stare the end result was “could you take your glasses off please?”.

This always baffles because do I not look like myself with glasses? Do the glasses really alter my look THAT much that they cannot tell it is me? I was not wearing anything wacky either, just a nice frame that I wear daily.

Passport Photo

Passport Photo

The photo above is my actual passport photo (horrendous- I know) and it was taken when I was about 18. It is due for renewal very soon (Thank GOD) but what I don’t understand is in passport photo you are not allowed to wear glasses and it just seems silly to have this rule if the passport control person cannot make out that was me with glasses on so I had to take them off. I might aswell just put contact lenses in.

Every time I flew somewhere during the honeymoon I always get this suspicious stare and it is so awkward when they stare at you because you then start to feel guilty or like “crap, what have I done?” even though you haven’t done anything wrong. My questions to you readers is… do I look that different without glasses and can you not tell my 18 year old self is me? And er…. I am very much looking forward to get rid of that nasty passport photo of me soon-ish.