I was supposed to blog this yesterday, not that I got distracted with going to the beer festival or anything- oh NO! Anyway here it goes, maybe a few bits Kate will need? …I think for the past week everyone has been talking about the arrival of the royal baby. Kate Middleton’s due date is today Saturday 13th July but will the baby arrive is the question. In the fashion world everyone has been going crazy with baby and children’s clothing but they are pretty cute and I very much look forward to having a baby myself just so I can dress them up everyday! Everyday is going to be a baby fashion show, not that my husband knows about this yet!

With all the hype around children’s clothing at the mo I think it is only too appropriate I put my focus on children’s glasses. Lets not forget a lot of young children and even babies need to wear glasses for various different reasons and even children’s eyewear comes in all different shapes, sizes, colours and styles just like the grown up ones. The kiddies glasses are too damn cute! Royal Baby Special

Royal Baby Special

 I have always found children in glasses are really cute but I think sometimes it can be rather uncomfy for them especially when they keeps falling off their little nose, which is why it is so important to pick something that is right for them. On that note have a great weekend and enjoy the sunshine! What a heatwave… woo hoo and lets see if the royal baby does arrive 😉

Just a quick note to say …

Kangol sunglasses are from Tesco Optician 

Tots Specs are from www.totsspecs.co.uk

Mothercare moses basket is £99 but the stand is an extra £29.99