It has been quite a while since I have put a new post in the YourGlassesAndYou section but I think that is because you lot are being shy and not coming forward with your spexy style. Nothing to do with the fact I have been busy with getting married and honeymooning- oh no!

Well before I went on my honeymoon (seems so long ago now) I went to have my eyelash extensions because I really HATE how us Chinese eyelashes don’t curl AT ALL and with eyelash extensions being so easy I thought why not. Every morning you wake up- no mascara needed so you can just get up and go, brilliant.

The girl who did my lashes was Sian over in the beauty boutique in Colchester, she is VERY good and patient and the best of all she wears glasses! I thought her glasses really suited her and she said she liked them so much that she bought the exact same pair but in a different colour. They are from Specsavers so Sian said it didn’t cost her the earth to buy two pair of glasses which is great news!

Thank you Sian

Thank you Sian

If you live around the Colchester area and looking to get your eyelash extensions done then I highly recommend Sian from the beauty boutique. As well as eyelashes they also do a range of beauty treatments which is worth taking a look 😉 in the meantime check out their website right here.

I wish I could get my eyelash extensions done all the time because it does get a bit addictive especially with my none curling asian eyelashes but then again it might make glasses wearing a bit tricky. You win some, you lose some in life hey.