As some of you readers out there who have been following me, you are probably aware I have just moved into a new home with my new husband. Currently my life revolves around working during the day and come 5pm I am off DIY-ing around the house- basically home decorating has become my new hobby. I am cheating on eyewear and fashion with furniture (line from SATC but minus the eyewear part).

However, even with my new hobby I can still manage to find something to do with glasses that could look quite nice for my new home. It is a giant pair of glasses but I think they are quite tastefully done and could look quite nice in my new office which is currently being built in our back garden.

Glasses Decoration

Glasses Decorations

Glasses. What a versatile product hey 😉 They can look good on our faces but blow them up into a pair of giant specs and they look awesome on your wall. The photo frame idea is pretty good and the mirror kind of reminds me of glasses with mirrored lenses- I wonder if that is how the mirrored lens idea came about? Personally I am not a huge fan of mirrored glasses, they do look cool don’t get me wrong but it is when I talk to someone with them on and I can’t see their eyes. That really bugs me because I think it is important to see the other persons eyes when you talk to them- it can tell you a lot like if they are lying as a prime example!

Anyhow.. I think it is bed time for me and ready for another day of work and DIY-ing whilst the weather is hot, hot, hot!