This British summer has been sensational- right? It is a little odd for me to start seeing A LOT of Autumn/Winter stuff coming through. In the world of fashion we are of course now looking at A/W stuff and LOTS of Christmas stuff. As I was browsing through many many Christmas look books I came across something rather… entertaining, funny, odd. I don’t know whatever you want to call them.

This pair of glasses which I am about to share with you may not be everyone’s cup of tea and certainly not mine- not even as a novelty thing because they are just a little silly. However, I think it will be a great idea if a team of people who worked in optical went out wearing those in their christmas party and onlookers would probably think… WHAT THE HELL!

Are you ready for this…

accessorize Rudolph Glasses

accessorize Rudolph Glasses

Tarrrr darrrrr! Yeah baby, Rudolph glasses! Yes, I know they are only supposed to be a novelty thing but I do wonder who would buy those at £6? However, I bet now i’ve said that EVERYONE will be wearing them because it is cool or something around Christmas time. I have no idea when they are hitting the stores yet but not anytime soon I am sure. Maybe nearer to Christmas and I wouldn’t advice you buying that for someone who loves glasses- probably not what they would have in mind.

If any one of you readers gets these in your christmas stocking this year then PLEASE share your photo with the world on YourGlassesAndYou. I want to SEEEEEEEEEE.