A lot of readers have wrote in and said lately I am not reviewing enough niche eyewear brands and I admit you lot are probably right. It is not a deliberate thing but if I do too much niche stuff I also get readers writing in saying they want more “normal” stuff. So it is hard to strike a balance but I hope I am doing a god job catering for everyone but if not please do write in with suggestion on how to improve!

This brand Bevel I have got for you is a good niche brand and even Hollywood stars such Matt Damon is a fan. Apart from that I also love the brand’s ethos, believing glasses are another form of make-up because they can enhance the wearer’s features. Of course gents don’t wear make-up like us ladies but this doesn’t mean Bevel frames are not suitable for gents. A face is a face and a frame can enhance any face and just because gents don’t wear make up it doesn’t mean they don’t do other things such as trimming their facial hair to keep themselves well presented. Baring in mind I am married to a serial facial hair grower and he does take his time to look after his beard.

Matt's Damon favorite Bevel Frame "Chin Chin"

Matt’s Damon favorite Bevel Frame “Chin Chin”

Bevel is an America brand but it is available right here in the UK. The founders Rick Nelson and Richard Mewha believe in creating frames that are timeless with minimalist aesthetics and for people who appreciate the finer things in life. With that ethos you can see why Bevel are only partnered with niche independent opticians worldwide, with that they can make sure from the design process all the way up to the sale of the frame the same passion flows through and to ensure each customer gets the Bevel experience.

Bevel Eyewear Blue Frame 3647TL

Bevel do have quite a large range of frames from metal to acetate in a rainbow of colours and the two photos I am showing you above doesn’t even scratch the surface. Unfortunately it is unlikely that one optician will hold the full collection (IT IS A MASSIVE COLLECTION) so I would suggest go to their website and take a look yourself and see if an optician near you stocks them.

Oh and on that note Matt Damon actually worn the “Chin Chin” frames to the Cannes Film Festival so if you have ever wondered what they were and want the same pair then here is your chance! Don’t believe me? Check out this link and see for yourself.