MGAM Sponsored PostLast week I was busy shopping for a birthday present for a very special little girl. It was my cousin’s little girl’s 7th birthday and I was really struggling to find her something to buy because she is going growing up and toys are not really her thing anymore. She wants to be a grown up but she is not quite there. I was in John Lewis over in Westfield Straford and I was in there for ages! In the end I came up with the idea of buying her a jewellery box because when I was that age I started to wear small pieces of jewellery and just generally enjoying being a girlie girl. I think every girl should have a jewellery box, anyway, it is all part of growing up, well for us girls anyway!

As I was walking around the store they had some really stunning jewellery boxes and then I had a bit of an eureka moment. I think a jewellery box maybe the perfect solution for keeping your glasses dust free and just generally just keeping them nice and tidy! Genius!!! Think about it…. It’s a box and there are many different style and sizes with different compartments so you can have a section for optical glasses, a section for sunglasses and even one for contact lenses!

John Lewis Jewellery Box

John Lewis Jewellery Box

Looking at the image above do you see what I mean now? That one above is also from John Lewis and no I didn’t buy a 7 year old a glass jewellery box. It is probably borderline dangerous if she drops it and it smashes! The one I bought her is not actually online for some strange reason but it is a very cute pink one with a ballerina dancing inside- yeah, you know the one I mean. Every little girl needs one of those 😉

So a Jewellery Box for Glasses?

I think apart from using a jewellery box as a jewellery box, we should turn it into a multi functional box instead i.e. glasses storage. After my shop in John Lewis I was searching for the perfect jewellery boxes to keep my glasses in but you know what… I think John Lewis may actually offer the best jewellery boxes around and I especially love the stackable jewellery boxes because you can buy different layers and build it up yourself to suit your needs. If you are not convinced by what I am saying then you need to check out the John Lewis Jewellery Box range for yourself. For me I think I need to start thinking about how many stacks I will need to purchase to house all my glasses and of course, I will buy a layer or two for my jewellery 😉