Today all I did was stare at clothes and frames from different websites and before you ask… yes it was all for work. All for the coming issue of MyGlassesAndMe magazine which is due out VERY soon! So whilst I was staring at clothes and frames I came across a model modelling some sunglasses which is of course all normal but that is until I started to stare at it and think “something is not quite right with this image” Then is clicked! The sunglasses did not suit the model AT ALL! In fact I think they look rather hideous on her- sorry! I am not being a bitch or anything.

I just think it is very important to pick a frame that suits you and whoever was styling that model could of picked something better because for goodness sake it is an online shop and you are supposed to try and sell them. They are not really making them look sellable and that photo really puts me off buying them because the picture just doesn’t do them justice. It screams “UGLY FRAME”!

I will show you the screen shot and I will let you be the judge…

I think it is because the frames are sitting far too forward on her nose,  they are slightly wonky and the frames are just far too big for her face. I think that is why I dislike them so much- there I said it!

I think we can all learn a lesson from this and picking a frame that suits you is very important and not wear something because it is “fashionable”.  Of course it is not the model’s fault and she was just doing her job. There was a famous quote from Coco Channel and that is “The best colour in the world is the one that looks good on you” and I think this quote applies here.  “The best style in the world is the one that looks good on you”! The bottom line is wear a style that suits you and that will guarantee they will look good on you no matter what.

If you really fancy trying a new style… for heavens sake, please ask for some professional advice such as your optician or even me 😉 wearing the wrong style of glasses is WAY worse than wearing a bad pair of shoes because they are on your face!  People WILL notice!