We are here again… Issue 2 of the MGAM (MyGlassesAndMe) magazine is here! I cannot explain how excited I am to be here again and it didn’t seem long ago issue 1 launched (when I was still an unmarried woman). After issue 1 was launched we have had lots of positive feedback from both the optical and the fashion industries which is rather exciting. However, we do understand there is always room for improvement and we are working on it. Many people have requested to have a celebrity style page and that is something I (as the editor) really want to happen too but there is a lot of legal bits attached to the use of celebrity images. Please do bare with us on that one!

Issue 2 is an improved version of the first issue with more eyewear and more clothes because us ladies can always do with more of those things 😉 At the moment it is a female focused magazine and yes some gents have asked if we would expand to male and you know what… never say never. It may well be something we will do in the future.

MGAM - MyGlassesAndMe Magazine Issue 2

MGAM – MyGlassesAndMe Magazine Issue 2

So what do you think of the front cover? The front cover image was from the fashion brand Internacionale.

Issue 2 now may well now be in a salon, cafe, optician etc near you but if not you can grab your copy here. It is a free magazine but unfortunately postage isn’t. If you want us to send it we do ask for a small fee just to cover our postage and packaging costs – we hope you can understand. If you have read issue 2 then please carry on giving us your feedback because we want each one to be better than the last. The next issue of the MGAM Magazine will be out in October 😉