I know my blog is generally geared towards people who wear glasses and love fashion but every now and then I do get some readers who don’t need wear glasses but enjoy wearing them simply in the name of fashion (good for you lot). Some have asked where is the best place to buy non-optical glasses and the obvious answer is an optician but with clear lenses. However, clearly that wasn’t good enough advice because some of you have said you don’t want to spend a lot of money on them (which is fair enough if they are for only occasional use).

If you can afford to stretch your pockets then I would recommend buying a pair from an optician and get clear lenses made up but if you want to buy about 10 pairs and have one pair in like 3 different colours then of course an optician is not advisable (unless you have just won the lottery). So here is my solution… the best place to buy non-optical glasses is Clairs Accessories on the high street. ¬†They have the largest, funkiest and the most fashionable collection and they are a bargain starting from around ¬£10.

Claire's accessories Glasses

Claire’s Accessories Glasses

I did find it quite funny that an accessory shop aimed at teenagers sold the best (certainly most affordable) non-optical glasses. I still remember in my teens, wearing glasses was “uncool” but it seems like time has moved on and now I am guessing teenagers are more open to the idea of wearing glasses? If wearing glasses is slowly becoming cool for teenagers than that is a good thing- right!? They are the next generation and can help alter the way people view glasses and their attitudes towards them.

It is also rather good to have a fashion accessories brand selling glasses as part an accessory because again, that will change people’s attitudes towards them and help to bring glasses to the limelight and proving that glasses really are the most important accessory you will need on your face! One day, just one day the UK will be wearing glasses as openly as our european neighbours.