In this post I am asking you guys for help with a couple of things. Firstly check out the photo below and do you think my new fringe suits me? I had it done nearly two weeks ago and finally I feel brave enough to show you guys (all inspired by Millie Mackintosh’s fringe reveal). Having a fringe cut is a big deal (even though I have had it done before) but last time I had a much lighter and thinner fringe where as this time I went all out- bigger and juicier. I didn’t even tell me husband about it. Having a fringe cut is a bit nerve racking as it could end horribly.  Last time I made sure I grew it all out before the wedding and since Millie Mackintosh revealed her new chop today I thought I will join in.

Like Millie was saying, I always admire Alexa Chung with her fridge so after 4 months of being a married lady I went for it and after nearly 2 weeks… yeah I am loving it still and my husband gave it the thumbs up too. However I am not so sure if some of my glasses still suit me, I am not sure if the fringe is a bit too heavy or is that just a poor excuse to get even more frames!? Hehe!

Me with fringe

Me with fringe

The second thing I need help with is… in February I will be heading out to Hong Kong, my home town, for my second wedding which is a traditional Chinese ceremony since ALL my family is pretty much based there. I am actually going to Hong Kong for 2months!!!!! Why so long? Well because I want to stay until April for a Chinese Festival which I have not had a chance to enjoy since I moved to the UK when I was 8 years old!

Since I will be in Hong Kong for so long, I will also visit some friends over in Oz and I thought I might as well bring you guys an “Asia Eyewear Special”. Now… for ALL my overseas readers who are based in Asia and Oz let me know what are the coolest eyewear brands in your city right now and let me know why us UK peeps need to know about them! Let me know the brands, styles, colours or as much info as you can and I will do the rest. OR what is your city’s next big eyewear/fashion craze so I can report back to the UK readers.

For all PR’s or Eyewear brands who are reading this, get in touch with me if you want to meet and for me to cover your brand during my long ass trip to Hong Kong & Oz- I am there from the end of Feb until mid April! Drop MGAM an email to  Thanks!