Tatty Devine- what is it? Well it is an independent British jewellery design company specialising in acetate- the brand is fun and colourful. I am quite a big fan myself  so I follow them on instagram. Last week they posted a picture of one of their jewellery makers, Annick who was wearing one of the most amazing pair of vintage glasses I have ever seen!

With glasses like that she sure doesn’t need to wear googles to protect her eyes while working but what a statement accessory – right?

Thank You to Tatty DevineThank You to Tatty Devine

Thank You to Tatty Devine

They are by Cazal (of course they are!) They make some pretty awesome glasses for one and all the vintage ones I have seen are just so cool! I do wish they make glasses like that now. A bit more outrageous and a bit more of a statement piece than most that are available.

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